Recognizing RFI Veterans for Their Unwavering Service

CSAA Five Diamond Central StationRFI President & COO, Brad J. Wilson, CPP – May 2017 – Memorial Day is a time to take stock of the present, reflect on the past, and renew our commitment to the future of America.

Today, as in the past, there are problems that must be solved and challenges that must be met. We can tackle them with our full strength and creativity only because we are free to work them out in our own way. We owe this freedom of choice and action to those men and women in uniform who have served this nation and its interests in time of need.

In particular, we are forever indebted to those who have given their lives that we might be free. On this sacred day, we honor those Americans who died fighting for freedom. We pause to remember, to think about the meaning of the loss of brave men and women who did not return from the battle. And in cemeteries all across this great land, people will place flags or lay bouquets on quiet graves “where valor proudly sleeps.”

I don’t have to tell you how fragile this precious gift of freedom is. Every time we hear, watch, or read the news, we are reminded that liberty is a rare commodity in this world.

This Memorial Day, let us renew our resolve to remain strong enough to deter aggression, wise enough to preserve and protect our freedom, and thoughtful enough to promote lasting peace throughout the world.

I want to also acknowledge our own servicemen who have served our country:

  • Aaron C Carl
  • Bruce E Palmer
  • Conrad N Barrera
  • Elijah S Roszel
  • Ferdinand Eslao
  • Frank R Jennings
  • James L Ortega
  • Jason D Bushey
  • Jeff Tan
  • Jonathan L Blackburn
  • Jordan M Lewis
  • Kyle Gray
  • Lawrence L Reece
  • Michael G Jeffries
  • Paul E Smith
  • Richard A Pascoe
  • Robert A Hendrickson
  • Timothy B Spath
  • William W Madsen

May God bless the United States of America!

University of Nevada, Reno’s Access Control System Upgrade by RFI

AMAG Technology’s Website, LinkedIn, Twitter and Cygnus Business Media– May 2017-When the University of Nevada, Reno (UNR) learned their Casi Rusco access control system was deemed end of life and needed a massive upgrade, Housing Security Director, Charles (Chas) Stricker was told there was only one option by contacting his integrator, RFI Communications and Security Systems (RFI), and manufacturer, AMAG Technology, to explore the AMAG Symmetry SR Retrofit Solution. The upgrade was fast and allows reuse of UNR’s existing wiring, card readers and cards. University of Nevada, Reno saves millions upgrading its access control system to the AMAG Symmetry SR Retrofit Solution.

“We cut over White Pine in less than four hours,” said RFI Senior Account Executive, Hyong Cho. “We completed the programming changes and tested the doors. From that point on, we went to housing management, explained what we did and provided a budget number to finish the rest of the housing buildings.”

UNR uses the Blackboard Learning Management System for its student and faculty database. Symmetry pulls data from Blackboard on a schedule to populate cardholder data. “Symmetry looks at the Blackboard database to see what access is needed,” said Cho. “If there is a new student, Symmetry will grab the information and populate into the Symmetry database and assign access. If someone is removed, the card is automatically deactivated.” “Pre-planning and having IT support was instrumental to the success of this SR retrofit upgrade,” said Cho.

The relationship between RFI and UNR goes back to the mid-1990’s when UNR installed its first access control system. Over the past 20 years, RFI has worked with UNR on over 100 projects, and has developed a trusted relationship. “We have a great relationship with RFI,” said Stricker. “We’ve been down this learning path together and both have taken responsibility for mistakes and missteps. We trust their judgment and abilities and look to them for future solutions to best protect our students.” “I am very happy with how quickly we were able to complete the upgrade to the Symmetry SR Retrofit System,” said Stricker. “The software learning curve was quick, and RFI was willing to learn how to complete the upgrade. Even with all our last minute requests, both RFI and AMAG got it done.”

RFI Being Recognized Again in the 25 Top Family-Owned Businesses Survey

San Jose, California – September 16, 2016 —RFI is proud to be recognized again in the Top 25 Family-Owned Businesses Survey by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. RFI has made it to this list every year, and ranked #19 this year. Click here to view our Certificate on this achievement.

RFI on the List Again for the 50 Largest Private Companies in Silicon Valley

San Jose, California – September 9, 2016 —RFI has achieved again to be one of the 50 Largest Private Companies in the Silicon Valley. This list was published by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal and ranked by the 2015 fiscal year revenue. Click here to view our Certificate.

RFI Awarded as One of the “America’s Most Honored Businesses”

American Registry – July 29, 2016-RFI is honored to be on the list of “America’s Most Honored Businesses” researched by The American Registry. It was awarded for continuous professional recognition, an accomplishment realized by the Top 1% of American businesses. All qualifying public recognitions of excellence are certified by The American Registry and include significant mentions in the press, honors by recognized trade groups, and acclaimed recognitions by peers or clients. Out of hundreds of thousands of businesses evaluated and researched by The American Registry, only those businesses which have been publicly awarded multiple times for their professional excellence were considered. Click here to see our Achievement Award.

RFI Ranked #12 on SDM 2016 Top Systems Integrators Report

SDM Magazine – July 6, 2016 – RFI is proud to have made the list of the 2016 21st Annual SDM Top Systems Integrators Report. We have made it consecutively every year from the inception of this report, and we ranked #12 this year among 100 North American top systems integrators on the list. This ranking was based on revenue for 2015 from systems integration solutions such as design, project management, product, installation, programming, start-up, and training sold directly to an end-user customer or through a tier of contractors. It does not include recurring monthly revenue (RMR) from service and monitoring, which was ranked on SDM 100 that RFI also made the list. Security needs have been heightened by increase in crime, concern for employee safety and current events such as active shootings that happened around the globe. This is an important achievement which validates RFI’s main focus to continuously striving to deliver up-to-date technology security and fire/life safety solutions to our valued customers.

RFI on the List of the 2016 Top 50 Great Bay Area Family Owned Businesses

San Francisco Business Times – May 2016 – RFI has made the list of the Top 50 Greater Bay Area Family Owned Businesses published by the San Francisco Business Times. To qualify for the list, companies must be majority family-owned and based in the Greater Bay Area. Businesses are ranked by fiscal year 2015 companywide revenue.

RFI Cares

RFI Security, Inc. – San Jose, CA – May 26, 2016 – RFI and our employees continually act for the benefit of the well-being of society in general. Our sense of social responsibility aims to maintain the welfare of our communities and environments. We have been supporting the following causes: Alzheimer’s Care, Education, Foster Children, Homeless Veterans, Hunger, Infant Health, Underserved Children. During the year, all RFI office locations regularly organize and contribute to numerous food and fund drives, as well as engage in support of other community charity causes.

On May 26, 2016, our San Jose Client Services Department were sporting their Red Noses. Red Nose Day is a special day to come together, have fun and make a difference for kids. It was run by the non-profit organization, Comic Relief, Inc. Their vision is of a just world, free from poverty; and their mission is to drive positive change through the power of entertainment. Laugh, Give, Save a Kid!

CSAA Five Diamond Central Station

RFI Listed with the 2016 SDM Top 100 Security Dealers in the United States

SDM Magazine, May 2016 – RFI is proud to have made the list again for the SDM Top 100 Security Dealers in the U.S., which was ranked by their Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). These companies provide electronic security systems and services to both residential and commercial customers. They sell, install, service, host and monitor electronic security and safety systems, such as intrusion and fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, and related low-voltage systems. Stay connected to RFI by following our LinkedIn page.

RFI partners with Rapid Response

RFI Security, Inc. – San Jose, CA – March 7, 2016 – RFI is announcing a strategic partnership with Rapid Response Monitoring Station (RRMS) and closing its internal central station. RFI continues to make decisions to drive our valued proposition while strengthening our customers’ experience with more services, mobile apps and customized solutions. “As a business decision, there is no question we are doing what’s best for RFI and our customers. Rapid Response has a robust of features and services which will benefit our customers immediately,” said Dee Ann Harn, CEO of RFI. To provide the most advanced technologies available for Central Station monitoring services, RRMS has 20 full-time programmers on staff. With locations in Syracuse, New York and Corona, California, RRMS enables RFI to provide monitoring services in all fifty states with mirrored reliability on both coasts.

To stay relevant, “the integrator of tomorrow has to look well beyond security,” Brad Wilson, President and COO of RFI, said. “The more services you bundle, the more value you have,” he said. Those services include fire, security, audio, health monitoring, both on- and off-premise. This transition is expected to be completed in the next 65 days.

To read the press releases, click the following links:

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RFI President & COO Brad Wilson speaks to TMCnet

See Video Here

RFI Security, Inc. – San Jose, CA – Renews CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Certification

Vienna, VA, September 22, 2015 – The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) International is pleased to announce that RFI Security, Inc. – San Jose, CA has renewed the prestigious “CSAA Five Diamond Central Station Certification.”

This Certification testifies that 100% of the company’s central station operators have achieved proficiency and certification by passing the CSAA Central Station On-Line Operator Training Course. These courses cover virtually all phases of central station communications with customers, law enforcement, fire and emergency services communications centers. This critical area of communications is the life-saving link between the residential or business properties and the law enforcement, fire and emergency services in local areas. In order to achieve the Five Diamond Certification, each and every operator must have not only passed the course, but demonstrated:

  • Proficiency in alarm verification, which helps reduce false alarms; 
  • Proficiency in communications with Public Service Answering Points, such as the Emergency 911 centers; 
  • Knowledge of electronic communications equipment, including radio; 
  • An understanding of the codes and standards of such organizations as Underwriters Laboratories, Factory Mutual, the National Fire Protection Association and others; and
  • Proficiency in the area of emergency preparedness under a wide scenario of possibilities.
CSAA Five Diamond Central Station

In addition, Five Diamond companies have demonstrated an exceptionally high degree of responsibility to their local community and their customers through the investment of time, money and commitment to 100% quality operator training.

There are approximately 2,700 central stations in the United States, which communicate and interact with the law enforcement, fire and emergency services agencies. Of this group, fewer than two hundred central stations have achieved Five Diamond Certified status.

The Central Station Alarm Association International (CSAA) is an internationally-recognized non-profit trade association that represents professional monitoring companies that are listed by a CSAA-approved Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory, such as FM Global, Intertek/ETL or UL. CSAA is legally entitled to represent its members before Congress and regulatory agencies on the local, state and federal levels, and other authorities having jurisdiction (AHJs) over the industry. Since its incorporation in 1950, CSAA has served its members’ interests through education, online training, meetings and conventions, certification, insurance, and industry standards.

RFI Proud to be Recognized as a Gold Award Winner

RFI Corporate Office, San Jose, CA – On Thursday, September 10, RFI’s corporate office was recognized for our contributions to the fight against hunger at the Second Harvest Food Bank’s Make Hunger History Awards. We were celebrated with other Santa Clara and San Mateo County companies who are dedicated to a better community by contributing to this important and worthy cause. Second Harvest has become one of the largest food banks in the nation, providing food to nearly a quarter of a million people each month. The Food Bank mobilizes individuals, companies, and community partners to connect people to the nutritious food they need – with more than half of the food distributed being fresh produce. Second Harvest also plays a leading role in promoting federal nutrition programs and educating families on how to make healthier food choices. RFI is honored to align with such an impressive organization and is proud of its employees for stepping up and making a difference in the lives of others.

 RFI Recognized as Gold Award Winner

RFI Offers Discounts on Video Surveillance Registered with Police Departments

RFI Corporate Office, San Jose, CA – August 28, 2015 – Many of us have seen television shows and movies in which police detectives review video surveillance recordings to “catch the bad guys” as well as fail to do so when shop owners don’t have properly functioning equipment. Where not all scenarios on tv and on the big screen are realistic, both of these scenarios are very possible and can make or break a police investigation on criminal activity.

Video surveillance cameras not only assist businesses and their employees in feeling safe and protected, they have proven effective in assisting police departments and district attorneys in catching and prosecuting criminals. Several business owners and executives have cited specific incidents where giving their local police departments access to their recorded footage has helped immeasurably.

Businesses in San Jose, among other cities, can join the fight against crime while protecting their companies by registering their cameras with their local police department who have camera registry programs. In support of safer workplaces and communities as well as law enforcement agencies, RFI Communications and Security Systems offers reduced costs on video surveillance systems, installation and monitoring to businesses and individuals who register in such programs.

RFI is a diversified multi-systems integrator that designs, installs, services and monitors technology-driven security and fire/life safety solutions. RFI maintains a 5-Diamond, UL certified 24/7 monitoring center. For information on video surveillance, intrusion, other security systems and fire/life safety needs contact Linda White at Mention this post to receive your discount on registered cameras.

RFI on 20th Annual SDM Top Systems Integrators Report

SDM Magazine – July 6, 2015 – SDM’s Top Systems Integrators Report ranks companies by their North American systems integration revenue, which includes solutions such as design, project management, product, installation, programming, start-up, and training sold directly to an end-user customer or through a tier of contractors. RFI is proud to have made the list in 2015 for the 18th consecutive year. We currently occupy the 15th spot out of 110 on the list. To read the article, visit

RFI CEO Wins Vice Presidency for The Electronic Security Association (ESA)

San Jose, CA – RFI Communications & Security Systems is pleased to announce that Dee Ann Harn, second generation CEO/Owner of RFI Enterprises, Inc., won the election for Vice Presidency of the Electronic Security Association (ESA). Established in 1948, ESA, has evolved into the largest professional trade association in the United States with the purpose of representing, promoting and enhancing the growth and professional development of the electronic life safety, security, and integrated systems industry. In cooperation with a federation of state associations, ESA provides government advocacy and delivers timely information, professional development tools, products and services that members use to prosper and grow their businesses. The association works at all levels to increase awareness about the value of the products and services members provide. It supports new technology and applications with customized and relevant training and proactively promotes the industry through consumer awareness activities supported by trade and media relations programs. ESA also supports legislation and regulations that enhance public safety. Guided by strong leadership and a commitment to the advancement of technology and professionalism, ESA is on a strong foundation that includes financial stability and recognition as the only professional trade association that works to address issues important to the well-being of the industry.

The ESA’s executive team leads, under the authority of the board of directors, to uphold the Bylaws and Code of Ethics. With Dee Ann’s qualifications as an industry business owner and her experiences in serving the trade, she has a unique ability to represent ESA members for the next two years and provide continuity to the vice president role. She demonstrates her commitment to building a strong association by her willingness to listen, demonstrate patience, show vision, and initiate action when necessary. Dee Ann is actively involved in industry organizations CSAA, ESA, and ASIS. She currently is serving as Vice President on ESA’s Executive Committee and chair for the Executive Management Professional group.

Dee Ann’s leadership of RFI has reinforced her responsibility to develop not just her own company, but to utilize her position on the Executive Committee to look for opportunities to bridge our industry to the inevitable changes seen with new technology and incoming workforce development. Her commitment and work ethic learned from growing up in a family owned business has provided a strong understanding of the history of the security industry over the past three decades. Her family started RFI in 1979, in a small town outside of San Jose, California as a way to put the kids through college. The business has grown to include a CSAA Five Diamond UL Monitoring Center, located within the corporate office in San Jose, as well as five additional locations on the west coast. RFI has been named SDM’s 2012 Systems Integrator of the Year, Honoree and has been consistently recognized as one of the top 25 Family Owned Businesses by Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal.

Law Enforcement Support for ASAP-to-PSAP

May 29, 2015 – At ISC West in April, a panel of law enforcement officers took the stage to discuss “Verified Alarms and Priority Response” presented by the Partnership for Priority Verified Alarm Response (PPVAR). A big part of the conversation was ASAP-to-PSAP. The ASAP program enables monitoring centers to transmit alarm response requests directly into the 911 center’s automated dispatch program, eliminating manual phone calls and reducing potential for error. RFI’s Control Center was the first monitoring center on the west coast to have the ability to be able to perform the ASAP side of the equation. This technology makes it beneficial for systems to be monitored and video to be verified through our monitoring center. Law enforcement agencies are trying to get here also, but currently, there are not yet any jurisdictions that have PSAP on the west coast. This video features law enforcement executive experts weighing in on the ASAP program and its benefits.


RFI Listed with the SDM 100 Largest Security Providers in the United States

SDM Magazine, May 2015 — RFI is honored to be in top half of the 2015 SDM 100 Largest Security Providers list. The companies on the list are in the U.S. and were ranked by their Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). They provide electronic security systems and services to both residential and commercial customers. Revenue is from the sale, installation, service, hosting and monitoring of electronic security and safety systems, such as intrusion and fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, and related low-voltage systems. RFI is #49 on the list. Stay connected to RFI by following our LinkedIn page.


HID Global and RFI Pilot Use of Smartphones and Gesture Technology for Enterprise Access Control

San Jose, CA, October 15, 2014 –RFI Communications & Security Systems and HID Global® completed a successful mobile access control pilot at Netflix®, the world’s leading Internet subscription service for enjoying TV series and films.  Pilot participants used the RFI installed HID Mobile Access® solution on a variety of Samsung and Apple smartphones with  Bluetooth Smart communications channels, and utilized HID Global’s patented “Twist and Go” gesture technology as a new, more convenient way to open doors.


“We were pleased with the results of our initial pilot in 2012 with HID Global and RFI, which validated the benefits of mobile access control for physical enterprise security,” said Amy Dee, director of procurement and facilities with Netflix.  “Our latest 2014 project really illustrates how far mobile access control has come over the last couple of years.  The HID Mobile IDs and HID Mobile Access App are extremely easy to use, and HID Global’s mobile-enabled readers meet all the needs of our demanding enterprise environment.   We also found that the HID Secure Identity Services portal is easy to use, making identity management a very simple and secure process.”


A key element of the 2014 pilot was the use of Bluetooth Smart, whereas NFC was the only short-range communication technology available for mobile access control during the 2012 Netflix pilot.  Adding support for Bluetooth Smart enables mobile access control to be used with popular smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices, without the need for accessories.  Bluetooth Smart also delivers a longer connection range, which, coupled with HID Global’s patented “Twist and Go” gesture technology, makes it possible to open doors and gates while driving or walking up to a mobile-enabled reader by simply rotating the smartphone.


Powered by Seos®, the HID Mobile Access solution worked seamlessly with the existing Netflix access control system from AMAG, and HID Global’s mobile-enabled iCLASS SE® readers delivered maximum flexibility by enabling participants to use Mobile IDs as well as their existing HID Prox keyfobs and MicroProx Tags.


“HID Global has established a true ecosystem for mobile access control that, in turn, has created the opportunity for partners like RFI to enter new markets where we can deliver important new capabilities and customer value,” said Brad J. Wilson, CPP, President and COO, RFI Enterprises, Inc.  “As an HID Advantage Platinum Partner, it has been extremely valuable working with HID Global on this ground-breaking pilot.  We look forward to continuing our collaboration with a company that has great vision and the critical ability to anticipate and help lead industry developments that require the highest levels of trust and authentication.”


According to Adrian Noriega, the RFI field project manager who installed HID Mobile Access for the Netflix pilot, the HID Mobile Access Configuration Application was used to configure the Bluetooth Smart portion of the iCLASS SE reader so that users could either tap their smartphone to it or rotate (twist) the device as they approached it.  Installing the HID Mobile Access App on participants’ phones was also quick and trouble-free.  “Once participants received the invitation code, they were able to use the App with ease,” Noriega said.  “Also, having the ability to use the ‘Twist and Go’ feature was very convenient for pilot participants.  This solution really represents technology at its best, and the next step in security and convenience for access control.”


“This pilot demonstrated the benefits of HID Mobile Access while also highlighting our ongoing commitment to valued HID Advantage Partners like RFI, which is ranked #16 on the 2014 SDM Magazine 100 Report,” said Debra Spitler, vice president, Strategic Alliances with HID Global.  “Our customers and partners are both vitally important to us as we work to innovate what’s next in secure identities, and to bring new products, solutions and services to market.” 

RFI Ranked #16 on The SDM 100 Report

July 11, 2014 –The SDM 100 Report ranks U.S. companies that provide electronic security systems and services to both residential and non-residential customers. The primary objective of the report is to measure consumer dollars gained by alarm companies, in order to present an account of the size of the market served by the 100 largest security providers. These alarm companies earn their revenues from the sale, installation, service and monitoring of electronic security systems — such as intrusion and fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, and related low-voltage systems.

RFI is proud to have made it onto the top 100 list for the 23rd year in a row (since the report’s inception).  RFI is ranked #16 on the 2014 SDM 100 Report.

RFI’s Mark Simpson Wins 2014 CSAA Support Person of the Year

July 8, 2014 — Mark Simpson, RFI’s Control Center manager, recently received the 2014 CSAA Support Person of the Year Award.

The Central Station Alarm Association (CSAA) recognizes central stations and their outstanding personnel who perform in the highest professional manner, making a significant contribution to the betterment of the alarm industry and the alarm profession, while demonstrating exceptional service to their customers and community. The recognition takes place annually at the CSAA Excellence Awards ceremony at ESX in Nashville, Tennessee.

In Mark’s 27 years with RFI, he has shown dedication to not only RFI and The Control Center, but to the industry as a whole. He takes personal responsibility to sharpen his skills to benefit the central station as well as its customers. Mark has shown his commitment to both continuing his own education and to training the next generation. In addition, he serves at the president of the Silicon Valley Alarm Association.

Says CEO of RFI Dee Ann Harn, “All of us at RFI are tremendously proud of Mark. Receiving the award for 2014 CSAA Support Person of the Year is much deserved. For over 25 years, Mark has helped build RFI’s Control Center to become one of the premium monitoring stations in the western region. He has shown a commitment to learning and implementing new technology to make the Control Center successful. Thank you Mark!”

RFI Honored by Strategic Partners

April 2, 2014 – In the past few months, RFI Communications and Security Systems has been honored by strategic partners.

The string of recognition started with 3 accolades from Honeywell. The 2013 Circle of Excellence award was presented in recognition of RFI’s display of quality service and for embracing the Authorized Dealer Program for integrated security. Also in recognition of their integrated security, RFI was given the 2013 Dealer of the Year award. Another Honeywell honor, second place Dealer of the Year, was awarded for RFI’s status in the Authorized Dealer Program for commercial security systems.

Software House presented RFI with a 2013 Enterprise Partner award. The praise was to acknowledge RFI’s efforts and achievements in product presentation as well as customer satisfaction.

Siemens recognized RFI with two Star Performance awards for 2013. The first is a best performance to plan in class AAA. The second is for best overall performance in the North West territory. RFI is honored to be a Siemens’ platinum partner.

RFI is proud to maintain positive relationships with partners with stellar reputations to provide its customers with excellent products and outstanding customer service.

RFI Communications & Security Systems accepted three prestigious awards from Honeywell.

February 18, 2014 – RFI, a leader in the Electronic Security System marketplace, was honored to receive three highly sought after awards from Honeywell, a global Fortune 100 company.

RFI was presented with the 2013 Circle of Excellence award. The honor was given in recognition of RFI’s commitment to excellence in service and sales and for effectively implementing the Authorized Dealer Program for integrated security.

In recognition of their skill regarding integrated security, was the award of 2013 Dealer of the Year award. RFI is the 15 largest security systems integrator in the US and is honored to receive this award.

A third Honeywell honor, 2nd place Dealer of the Year, was presented to RFI for their status in the Authorized Dealer Program for commercial security systems.

Overall, RFI is proud to be Honeywell’s Partner of Choice as well as of their stellar record with leading manufacturers, pointing toward extensive industry and product knowledge. RFI finds gratification in being a thought leader with the ability to provide quality products, installation and service to their customers.

RFI Awarded 2013 Gold Partner of the Year for North America by Axis Communications

RFI-Awarded Gold Partner by Axis CommunicationsSan Jose, CA – January 22, 2014 – RFI Communications & Security Systems was named the 2013 Gold Partner of the Year for North America by Axis Communications, the world leader in network video, during the eighth annual Axis Channel Convergence Conference (ACCC) held in Carlsbad, California. Axis presents the Gold Partner of the Year award annually to recognize the success and loyalty of one partner, as well as their commitment to driving the shift from analog CCTV to IP-based network video surveillance.Meeting customers’ requirements for design, installation and service are highlights of RFI’s mission. In all projects, RFI utilizes high quality products, applies innovation, utilizes best practices and demonstrates notable accomplishments in the systems integration industry. “Quality is a key driver for RFI which protects our reputation, brand, and most of all our clients’ assets. To this end, the partnership with Axis is critical to quality (CTQ) on all fronts. The other elements are commitment to innovation and total cost of ownership which also aligns tightly with our mission,” said Brad Wilson, President & COO.

RFI is a Gold Partner in Axis’ Channel Partner Program, designed to help partners leverage Axis’ technology to capitalize on the fast-growing network video surveillance industry. As a channel-oriented company, Axis views partners as an extension of its team, playing a key role in the overall success of the company as well as the surveillance market’s transition from analog CCTV to digital video.

“RFI Communications & Security Systems has always been a solid partner with a dedicated staff that is willing to work closely with us to provide the best solution for their customers,” said Larry Newman, director of sales, Axis Communications, Inc. “Their openness and willingness to learn reflect our own values as a company, which has only strengthened our partnership.”

ACCC is an annual gathering of Axis’ top distributors, systems integrators, software development and strategic infrastructure partners throughout North America. This year’s event drew more than 300 attendees, including RFI, who participated in educational workshops about IP-based surveillance technology and future roadmap and sessions that highlighted network video best practices and customer success stories.

RFI Partners with The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber Of Commerce and Teenforce in Their Efforts to Employ Youth

San Jose, CA, January 2014 — RFI Communications & Security Systems is proud to work with TeenForce, a self-sustaining non-profit organization that helps teens (ages 14-20) gain work experience. They provide work readiness training, skills development and job placement services. Teens in the program gain confidence and skills while improving adult/teen relationships. Teens become healthy, caring and responsible young adults who have important roles in the community. The San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce and TeenForce announced a successful first-year collaboration on foster youth jobs and plans to increase the program in 2014. The start-up program generated 94 part-time and full-time jobs in 2013.“We met two outstanding young workers at the first Hiring Fair,” said Laura Lacomblé, Director of Human Resources for RFI. “After three successful months of work under the TeenForce program, we converted an alarm installation trainee and a security monitoring specialist to the regular RFI payroll.

“The chamber is very proud of the efforts of our members to support foster youth in our community,” said President & CEO Matthew Mahood. “This hiring model works for both youth and businesses. In fact, the chamber hired an outstanding young worker through the TeenForce program.”

The real impact of this program is captured by Joaquin Trejo, 20, a former foster youth. “When I attended the Hiring Fair last June, I was struggling with housing and hadn’t had steady employment,” Trejo said. “With the support of TeenForce and RFI, I now have stable housing and am learning skills that will lead to a career.”

Three Hiring Fairs will be held in 2014 at the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce offices. The first Hiring Fair is scheduled for January 28, and subsequent events will be held in May and October. For more information on the hiring fair, call 408-827-3078. Businesses are encouraged to contact TeenForce to schedule time slots to interview pre-screened and prepared candidates at the January 28 Hiring Fair. “TeenForce and the FYEC members will recruit and prepare candidates specifically suited for the job openings,” said TeenForce CEO John Hogan. “This is why it is a Hiring Fair and not a Job Fair. We are intentionally matching applicants to available positions, so the interviews are highly productive.”

RFI Participates in The San Jose Sharks® Opening Night Street Rally

San Jose, CA, October 2013 — On Thursday, October 3, The San Jose Sharks® held their annual Opening Night Street Rally where the scene on Autumn Street next to the newly named SAP Center in San Jose was filled with excitement! Hundreds of San Jose Sharks fans donning their team’s color moved from booth to booth, sharing eager anticipation of the season’s opening game. The sea of teal created waves of energy and enthusiasm as event participants had their faces painted, bought beer to support The Sharks Foundation and enjoyed the lively entertainment.At the south entrance of the street rally was RFI’s festive booth, decorated with balloons, a poster highlighting our partnership with the Sharks and a combination of RFI and Sharks items. The RFI team attracted crowds with an attention-generating bean bag toss game and, of course, their RFI charm. The game participants were able to win RFI branded items, and we featured a Sharks Jersey as well as San Jose Sharks paraphernalia as a drawing prizes.

RFI enjoyed participating in the event as an official sponsor and is proud to be the Preferred Security Provider of The San Jose Sharks®!

RFI Partners with The San Jose Sharks®

San Jose, CA, October 2013 — RFI Communications & Security Systems is delighted to announce they have partnered with The San Jose Sharks®, a professional ice hockey team based in San Jose, CA. Bryan Wade, account executive, recently closed a security solution deal with the newly named SAP Center (formerly HP Pavilion) and San Jose Ice. This engagement proudly brands RFI as The Preferred Security Provider of The San Jose Sharks®. In addition to the physical security system being put into place, RFI will provide a full service maintenance plan.Coupled with the SAP Center’s and San Jose Ice’s security project installation and maintenance is RFI’s official sponsorship of The San Jose Sharks®. Fans can expect to see the company’s name and logo across a few media platforms. RFI’s marketing campaign includes a radio advertisement during live broadcasts of Sharks’ games on KFOX-FM 98.5 as well as a full page print advertisement in the San Jose Sharks Magazine. Hockey enthusiasts attending home games will experience RFI’s exclusive exposure on the LED signage in three areas within the arena bowl, and attendees of other events held at the SAP Center will see RFI’s logo featured on LED signage tiles.

RFI is pleased to work closely with SAP Center and San Jose Ice to secure their facilities and is enthusiastic about being an official sponsor of the beloved and respected San Jose Sharks. “The partnership with the San Jose Sharks is an exciting way to promote RFI’s brand while supporting an area favorite and helping to stimulate local economy. We are proud of our association with a strong organization that cares about the community,” said Brad Wilson, President & COO.

“ASAP” Has Been Deployed in The Control Center, San Jose, California

Richmond, Virginia, June 2013 — The Control Center, RFI’s 24-hour 5-Diamond UL Monitoring Center, is the First California Monitoring Center to implement the ”Automated Secure Alarm Protocol (ASAP).” Director, Mary Jensby and Support Tech Manager, Mark Simpson finished the testing process with Richmond, Virginia and received their official deployment paperwork in June, 2013. Currently, Simpson and Jensby are finishing their final phase of testing with Tempe, Arizona and will be able to communicate with them using the CAD (Computer Aid Dispatch) process by the end of the month. This is the next generation for the processing of information from alarm monitoring stations needing emergency dispatch. ASAP is an automated IP-based communication process between Central Stations and PSAPS. PSAP (Public Safety Answering Point) is the call center responsible for processing requests for emergency responding agencies (police, fire, ambulance, and other). The Central Station Automation Providers and PSAP CAD (Computer Aided Dispatch) Providers utilize an XML protocol written for the APCO/CSAA 2.101.1-2008 ANSI Standard to communicate with each other without the use of telephone calls.ASAP is a public-private partnership designed to eliminate telephone calls from alarm companies, eliminate miscommunications by alarm company operators and 9-1-1 PSAP call-takers, and reduce 9-1-1 processing time by two-to-three minutes or more. The reduction in 9-1-1 processing time has the potential for an equivalent reduction in response times by public safety first responders, resulting in a likelihood of increased law enforcement apprehensions made, fires extinguished more quickly and lives saved.

RFI in the 2013 SDM 100 Largest Security Providers List

SDM Magazine, May 2013 — RFI is honored to be one of the 2013 SDM 100 Largest Security Providers. These U.S. companies were ranked by their Recurring Monthly Revenue (RMR). They provide electronic security systems and services to both residential and non-residential customers. Their revenue is from the sale, installation, service, hosting and monitoring of electronic security systems, such as intrusion and fire alarm, access control, video surveillance, and related low-voltage systems. RFI ranked #54 in SDM 100, #4 in Non-Residential Installation Revenue and #26 in Total Annual Revenue. Click here to view our certificate.

RFI on SD&I Fast 50 National List

Las Vegas, Nevada – April 2013 — As announced at ISC West’s 2013 Conference, RFI was included as an accomplished integrator on the SD&I Fast 50 list. The list chronicles America’s Fastest Growing Systems Integrators as being the face of the industry and the marketplace – providing services and solutions that run the gamut from traditional intrusion detection alarms to interactive services to monitoring and hosted video and access control. RFI is proud of this recognition as it celebrates our ability to sucessfully adjust our business model, adapt to new technologies and capitalize on new revenue opportunities. The RFI leadership team is dedicated to the development of its people and to the long term strategies that build true value for its customers. Click here to view our achievement certificate from SDI.

The Control Center Awarded the 2013 FARA Award

Orlando, Florida – April 2013 — The Control Center, a division of RFI, was presented the “FARA Industry Achievement Award” for 2013 by the False Alarm Reduction Association (FARA) at their conference in Orlando, Florida, in April. Click here to view the FARA Award. The Control Center has continued its efforts to reduce false alarms by re-structuring the program to be more proactive. The Control Center works with customers and/or dealers to troubleshoot an account with multiple signals. If attempts to correct the problems are unsuccessful, the Service Department is notified to work with the customer to find a solution. Addressing false alarms is one of the diamonds of our CSAA Five Diamond Monitoring Center! To that end, the Control Center will continue to work with police and jurisdictions throughout the United States to bring down the number of false alarms.

RFI Being Recognized Again in the 25 Family-Owned Businesses Survey

by Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal
San Jose, California – March, 2013 — RFI was once again recognized in the Top 25 Family-Owned Businesses Survey by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal. RFI has made it to this list every year. Click here to view our Certificate on this achievement.

RFI Recognized as SDM’s 2012 Integrator of the Year Honoree

SDM Magazine – November 2012 — RFI is proud to be SDM’s 2012 Integrator of the Year Hononree. This recognizes RFI as a company that strives to demonstrate unmistakable success, a high level of innovation, the use of industry best practices, and notable growth and accomplishments in the systems integration. Click here to read the news. Click here to read the story in the SDM magazine.

RFI Contracted by Good Technology for the HID Readers that Support NFC-Based Access by Smartphones

PC Advisor – September 25, 2012 — Good Technology contracted RFI to install new HID Global ThinLine II proximity readers in its Sunnyvale office. These new readers are compatible with the low-frequency proximity-based ID badges Good currently uses, as well as the HID Near Field Communications (NFC) credentials stored on the smartphones given to pilot participants for physical access to buildings and offices. Good has started a few months ago working with HID Global as part of what HID is calling the “world’s first NFC-enabled smartphone pilots in the enterprise.” Click here to read the whole story.

RFI Joins Silicon Valley Leaders by Investing in the Long-Term Success of the Community

San Jose, California – September 13, 2012 — RFI has invested in the San Jose Silicon Valley Chamber of Commerce’s Leadership Circle to help create a strong local economy and serve as the region’s leading voice of business. Being a Leadership Circle member, RFI demonstrates commitment to playing an enhanced role growing jobs, promoting business success and making the Silicon Valley a great place to live, invest, work, play and raise a family. Click here to view the Leadership Circle Poster.


RFI’s Los Angeles Office Recognized by the Mayor and City Council of the City of Cerritos, California

Cerritos, California – August 23, 2012 — The City of Cerritos, California has started a program a couple of years ago where the city spotlights some of its great business communities. RFI’s Los Angeles Office was recognized by the Mayor and the City Council of the City of Cerritos. Click here to watch the video of the proclamation.

RFI On the List for the Largest Private Companies in Silicon Valley

San Jose, California – August 3, 2012 — RFI has achieved to be one of the Largest Private Companies in the Silicon Valley. This list was published by the Silicon Valley/San Jose Business Journal and ranked by the 2011 fiscal year revenue. Click here to view our Certificate.

RFI in the SDM Top Systems Integrators Report Again for 2012

SDM Magazine, July 2012 – RFI has achieved to be in the SDM Top Systems Integrators Report every year since the inception of this survey by SDM in 1997. RFI has made it again in the 2012 list and ranked #15 among the 114 companies in this report. Click our Achievement Certificate to view it.

RFI Being Recognized in the 25 Family-Owned Businesses Survey by Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal

San Jose, California – March 16, 2012 – RFI is proud to be recognized every year in the 25 Family-Owned Businesses Survey by the Silicon Valley / San Jose Business Journal, and ranked #20 this year. Click here is to view our Certificate on this achievement.

RFI Expands Its Operations in Southern California

San Jose, Calif., March 13, 2012 – With a healthy book of business already in the Los Angeles area, RFI Communications & Security Systems has decided to open a fourth branch office. RFI has hired a branch manager, Scott Covey, to lead the new office, which the company expects to open at the beginning of May. The office will be located in Cerritos, in southeast Los Angeles County. To read the complete press release click here.