Keep Track of Your Most Valuable Assets

Location Based Services or more commonly referred to as GPS tracking systems provide key information about mobile resources, goods in transit, and a heightened level of protection for individuals and lone workers. Real-time location and status information can be transmitted to any internet enabled device 24-hours a day.

Vehicle Fleet Management

Whether its vehicle maintenance expense, insurance liability or rising fuel costs, utilizing a GPS solution is a must for today’s fleet managers. The system assists dispatchers with the real-time information such as speed and location, to efficiently direct and maintain their fleet. In addition, a powerful reporting tool allows you to run ad hoc or scheduled reports including route mileage, start/stop and trip summaries. Our GPS solution is also used to track high-value shipments such as pharmaceuticals, perishable goods, jewelry, electronics and cash in transit.
Vehicle Fleet Management Service by RFI

Independent Worker Safety

Today, many employees are required to work by themselves. In many cases, they must work after regular business hours or in isolated environments such as construction sites or business parks. As a result, they are confronted with an increased risk to their personal safety. Both employers and employees will gain peace of mind using RFI’s Independent Worker Safety solution.

Jobsite Security

With construction equipment and material theft reported in excess of one billion dollars, jobsites have become prime targets for criminals. Copper, high-priced appliances and transportable construction equipment are greatly sought after by thieves, especially when there is insufficient perimeter security or the absence of trained security personnel.

Web-Based Monitoring

Viewing your GPS locatable devices is easy with our web-based monitoring program. From any web-based portal, you can log-in to your account and observe:

  • Real-time account activity
  • Historical reports of GPS devices
  • Locate protected assets
  • Monitor vehicle speed and routes
  • Misuse of company resources
  • Vehicle maintenance & fuel usage

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GPS - Location Based Technologies